Use Lighting to Decorate your Wedding Venue

LED lighting Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a difficult task, particularly if you are on a budget. It might be that you want something unique that has never been used before, something that is big and spacious if you are having a lot of guests or something that is authentic with a lot of character. Once you have decided on your venue, next comes the slightly stressful job of decorating it perfectly for the big day. Most venues allow you to decorate your wedding venue in a way that reflects you and your other half’s personality, which will truly make it a day to remember. The most popular time of the year for weddings is the spring/summer time as although we can’t exactly rely on the Great British weather, we can still include an outdoor space in our decoration planning. If the weather permits your guests to enjoy the outdoor space of your venue, you want to make sure it’s decorated perfectly, and what better way to set the scene than with lighting? Using outdoor LED lights can really transform a plain space into something magical, just choose from a wide range of fixtures such as LED decking lights that will subtly light up walk ways for your guests, or simple spike garden lights that will dig into the grass and create an immediate glow and bollard lights that can stand proud and shine bright, situated wherever you please!

Moving inside, you want to create a romantic setting, which can definitely be done using light. However, whilst it may set the mood, going too¬†dimmed can result in guests not being able to see, which is definitely not ideal, especially after a few too many or during the dinner service. The great thing about LED lighting is that it can be bought in all sorts of different colours, from bright white to orange glow, and having a mixture of these within your venue is sure to create the perfect atmosphere. Despite being energy efficient, spotlights are ideal in creating small emissions of light, which when put together won’t completely light up a whole room but will definitely produce the desired wedding ambience. These are also great in highlighting design features such as if you have a specific piece of artwork as decoration, or even to make the cake stand out in the evening. Floor lights also work top the same effect as spotlights. They are subtle but can make all of the difference, and best of all they are affordable. If you’re getting married in a venue of your choice and not in a church, lighting up the aisle with floor lighting can have a really nice effect.

If you’re worried that your chosen venue is a little on the plain side, look at the positives and see it as a blank canvas. Whilst you may be looking at all kinds of products and decorations to give your venue the wow factor, from balloons to cutlery to party favours and flowers, don’t forget that something as simple as lighting can really transform and illuminate a space.